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Production enterprise engaged in manufacturing of medical products from polymers: PVC, polyolefin, silicone, as well as medical glass. Currently, the plant mastered the production of more than 39 types of products and we can say, occupies the leading position in the market of manufacture of medical products from polymers in Kazakhstan. The company has unique technologies in Central Asia works with processing PVC and silicone, imports raw materials for own production from Russia.

Unlike many manufacturers of subjects of the children range from CIS countries, buying ready-made products in China, repacking and selling them under the brand domestic producers or simply use the ready brand in China with the slogan made in our country,

LLP Venera may truthfully say that the product is 100%

of domestic production.

Produced by our products can be divided into 2 sections:
1. Medical products.
2. Children's products range.

Products are registered and allowed for use in medical practice in the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, certified in Gosstandart Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, regularly undergo sanitary-hygienic examination, on the basis of which are issued hygienic conclusions.


Adress: 050014, 16b, Ratushny str., Almaty city, tel.\fax: (727)294-18-25, 396-26-96, 390-74-36

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