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Limited liability company VENERA, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty was founded in 1995. Production activity of the Company started practically from scratch - technology of the former plant outdated as the equipment of the 80s, subject to write-off, the staff was not quite qualified to work on modern, high-performance equipment .

During its evolution, the Company firmly on its feet : equipped production base, improved technological lines, accumulated and
production experience, mastered unique technologies of work with polymeric materials and glass, automated warehousing, held personnel work. In 2006 launched the production of plastic products on the equipment of Chinese company Hitian - one of leaders on manufacture of modern injection-molding and extrusion machines. On our own, developed and implemented rotary furnaces for moulding of hollow products, which have no analogues in Central Asia.

Employees of the Company constantly work above improvement of quality of production, 2008. in the production of the implemented quality management System ISO 9001: 2008.

Products of our Company have passed the procedure of registration and sold successfully in all cities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, mastered the market of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. Medical devices produced by our production is in great demand. High competitiveness of the goods is explained by guaranteed quality, wide range and acceptable prices implementation. All products are manufactured in accordance with
of the Customs Union, has the hygienic conclusion, quality certificates.

Market and sales geography of the Company's products is constantly growing. Drawing on experience with the countries of Central Asia at the present time there is begun development of the market of the Russian Federation, the Transcaucasian republics, it is planned to search for sales partners in foreign countries. Kuznetsov applicator successfully supplied to the USA.

About company

Our motto: All the best our


Our motto:
All the best to our people